Top 5 Supreme Replica Stores to Buy Best Fake Supreme

Because the business of Supreme has never been richer. I want to be completely honest – probably 80 percent. All my fucking shoes… I have maybe one real pair of SBs and two or three pairs of Jordans. I stopped messing with the really fake designers – Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Dior, and all that bullshit.

In this game, it’s about who you know and who you can put your faith in. Before you purchase a new Supreme piece on the resell market, be sure to check out our guide to spotting fakes below. There was one for sneakers and I saw a need that people wanted to buy fake clothes.

I believe as long as you don’t pass it off as authentic… if you’re trying to scam someone by saying what you’re selling is real, that’s really not good at all. From what I’ve heard of the new Off White belts, there are no flaws, so anyone could make a fake receipt and go on Grailed or StockX and completely mass sell these fake items as legit or real. Morally, to me it’s not wrong, as long as you know what you’re doing.

Next to the “Supreme” tag, a smaller red “Made In” tag should be placed a few millimeters to the right. The gap between tags can vary, but you’ll know if it’s fake Supreme if the two tags touch or overlap, and aren’t parallel to each other. A lot of the original Jordans that Michael Jordan used to wear. But the one thing I really like is fake cologne.

Yeah, then one of my moderator friends said I could make some money doing it if I advertised certain sellers. Beats were just coming out at the time – I noticed they were ten dollars and thought, ‘Holy shit, there’s money to be made.’ I initially ordered a pair for myself, then ordered ten.

In the streetwear world, wearing fakes isn’t exactly taboo – but you will be laughed at, online, by people who put far too much importance on a pair of trainers from the 1990s. So does anyone really drip-a-drip themselves head-to-toe in Best Replica Supreme Clothing? Reddit user Aiden6, the man behind the popular replica streetwear subreddit r/fashionreps, says his wardrobe is 80 percent fake. I spoke to him to get the lowdown on the world of reps. Investigating inside the hoodie further, it’s important to note the stitching and placement of the wash tag. Lastly, the shorter “Made In” tag should extend down and line up with the lowercase “upreme” lettering on the “Supreme” tag.

Tagging is where most of, if not all fake Supreme pieces get it wrong. With most hats, the white inside tag should be about three-quarters of an inch square. On the tag itself, there should be a non-bold “MADE IN” text above an American flag, with “U.S.A.” printed right underneath the flag. Beneath all of that will be “Supreme” lettering in all its full and italicized beauty. On a real Supreme hoodie, the wash tag will be located inside the lower back of the garment and will have a single straight black stitch line near the top of the tag connecting it to the hoodie.

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