Paying for thesis? No problem, say university students

Some of the causes are directly related to the owner/manager skills while others are more related to the environmental variables such as financials, competition, customer behavior etc. For this reason, it is advisable also for those companies for which audit is not compulsory by national law to commission a voluntary audit of their financial statements. This will enhance the credibility of the company’s financial reporting and results, especially from the perspective of banks.

A careful examination of the resources that a firm possesses can enable it to evaluate opportunities and threats and act accordingly. Although this resource approach is only an example of the various methodologies that can be used to minimize the risk of failure, it does demonstrate that a firm must assess itself and act on that assessment. Resources can be anything that helps produce, either in terms of intellectual/technological capital or properties/equipment.

However, when the Asian Financial Crisis hit the country in 1997, Renong suffered from a sharp fall of its share price. Halim Saad, the executive chairman of Renong, refused to restructure Renong to repay the creditors. UEM was at that time a subsidiary of Renong in which they had 37% shares of the company.

The economic decisions that are taken by users require an evaluation of the ability of an enterprise to generate cash and the timing and certainty of their generation. External causes of business failure cannot always be predicted with accuracy in advance, while the overwhelming majority of factors leading to failure are preceded by premonitory signs of insolvency. Therefore, entrepreneurs should be trained in order to be able to detect and identify warning signs in good time.

Hence, it was not a case of Perwaja learning from the Japanese, but the Japanese using Perwaja to learn the new technology. Secondly, why would any sane person want to open a steel factory in the east cost of the peninsula when steel is consumed in huge volumes on the west coast? Anyone with common sense would locate the steel plant in the west coast to save transport costs. However, Mahathir justified the decision by claiming he was taking industrialization to the east coast. The Pheng family took over the running of Perwaja and now Kinsteel is also in trouble financially. Under such circumstances, getting a buyer will not be easy unless the valuations are undemanding.

Before the Asian Financial Crisis, Renong’s market capital was RM8billion which signified 3% of Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange total market capitalization. During the crisis period this capital had dropped to RM1.7billion, or 80% within a period of 3 months. Therefore in a bid to salvage the company, Halim Saad engineered a move in which United Engineer’s Malaysia bought over 32.6% of Renong Berhad shares for RM2.34 billion or RM3.24 per share. This acquisition was not informed to UEM’s minority shareholders and in return led to investors selling Renong shares which resulted to share price dropping from RM3.24 to RM1.49. Moreover, UEM was also fined for breaching the Companies Act 1965 under section 69 and damaged Renong and UEM credibility as a blue chip company.

“The students study the assignments and we lecturers would not be able to detect anything. If the assignment involves a thesis, the hired writers ask the students to record the contents of lectures. Such services are easily found on the Internet with a search using “upah assignment” . There was no indication the Netherlands changed its restriction on the supply of lithography machines available only from a single Dutch company that use ultraviolet light to etch tiny circuits on next-generation processor chips. ‎Usually, lecturers would be able to detect if students use “”copy-and-paste methods””, but in cases like these, the assignment team would do the necessary work and research like any other students, the lecturer said. “”The students will study the assignments and we lectures would not be able to detect anything.

‎The assignment team then uses information from the recordings to write the thesis and even direct the students as to what to do and say during presentations. Saad confirmed that writers who offered such services were easily found on the Internet or within the institutions of higher learning themselves. The Malaysian Insider recently attempted to verify the use of such freelancers hired by university students at local institutions by posing as a foreign student. In considering the owners/managers skills it is regrettable that in some cases the very strengths that an entrepreneur possesses may be the same ones that may lead to the failure of their enterprise. It often behooves the entrepreneur to seek out and use the council of outside advisors and experts to avoid the pitfalls that appear due to the owner/managers individual areas of management inexperience. To address the issues that lead to business success or failure a firm has to be viewed in a broad perspective.

Preventive measures are mostly limited to what can be done on a firm level. Policy makers and firms can collectively influence the environment, but have limited ability to influence it individually. Once the causes are broadly identified, the ones that require high attention are addressed at the firm level. For a small business it is healthier (i.e. has a greater potential to succeed) to adapt to the environment in which it operates than to try to make the environment adapt to the firm’s needs. The cash flow statement should report cash flows during the period classified by operations, investing and financing activities.

Our cheap assignment help services allows us to maintain quality and also affordability together. Where the financial statements of the company are audited, the entrepreneur will have a higher level of assurance that the company’s financial information provides a sound basis for economic decisions. Independent audit is also a deterrent against fraud and increases the likelihood that any frauds committed will be detected. There is a key role of professionally qualified accountants in areas such accounting, financial planning and credit management. Advice from professionally qualified financial accountants should be sought regularly, beginning at the startup phase, and continuing through all the stages of business life. Management education should be provided even before starting out in business.

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