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An ice roller tends to be larger and can get freezing cold, so it’ll cover more surface area on your face and body while also effectively constricting blood vessels. If you don’t want to spend a week’s worth of groceries on an ice roller, you’ve got this one from Finishing Touch that’s less than $10—but most definitely doesn’t look like it. Its gel-like head feels super soft and smooth (and won’t leave your skin feeling freezer burned), while the roller itself has a sleek, rose-gold design that’ll look good on any vanity. Just make sure not to store it in the freezer forever, since it can crack. Just pop it in 15 minutes before you want to massage, and you’ll be good to go.

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Simply put the gel ice facial tool in the freezer for minutes and enjoy the benefits of ice rolling massage. Most gel and stainless steel ice rollers can be cleaned and sanitized with mild soap and warm water. As Murray explains, you can wipe down a stainless steel model with rubbing alcohol without worrying about it rusting. Though freezing will kill most germs, we recommend cleaning your ice roller after every use.

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“”Stainless steel is non-porous, can be washed with soap and water, and even wiped down with rubbing alcohol without worrying about it rusting,”” she adds. That said, a gel tends to be a little softer and may be more comfortable against the skin. The steel head won’t irritate existing pimples and can actually improve their appearance, all while minimizing the size of your pores and reducing puffiness.

“”I recommend the ice roller models that have a stainless steel roller,”” Murray notes. With this in mind, you should definitely consider the Skin Gym IceCoolie, a travel-friendly roller you can use anytime, anywhere to achieve a healthy-looking glow. Dr. Gonzalez instructs putting down the ice roller for a few weeks post-injection or after any invasive in-office treatment. “You should not use an ice roller after injections or filler because the facial roller can allow the product to spread into unwanted areas,” explains Dr. Gonzalez.

Go all in with this ice mold that you can glide across your face for instant depuffing. Try adding a bit of aloe for a soothing effect or rosewater for a calming scent. Roll these cute, purple sparkle-y globes along your under-eyes for a quick wakeup. Apply a bit of eye cream beforehand to avoid any tugging. Roll this tool all over your face for a little massage and instant depuffing.

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