If you’re looking for a stylish and comfortable salon chair, look no further than Keller. These stylish and comfortable chairs are the foundation of a great cut and keep your shop looking stylish and clean. There are many different color options available and Keller is happy to provide samples ofContinue Reading

Reborn Baby Dolls are one of the more unique dolls available on the market. A reborn doll is a small hand made art doll made from a mold kit or a plastic doll which has already been fully transformed from a generic doll into a baby doll. The concept ofContinue Reading

Best batteries for vapers in 2020. Well, in my personal opinion there are two best brands of rechargeable batteries out there: Panasonic and Honda batteries: This company has been in the business of batteries for some time now. Panasonic batteries are among the highest known rechargeable batteries for a whileContinue Reading