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One of the most essential pieces of salon products for a barber shop is a barber unit. The barber gives customers haircuts in front of a barber unit. A barber unit can determine the vibe of a barber shop and for this reason, a good option must be picked. Aside from the design of the barber unit, factors like the quality of materials and its functionality are important as well.

Perfect for styling old-school hairdos like the pompadour, rockabilly quiffs, and so forth. Ideally suited to hair with high volume, medium or thick hair and shorter haircuts. For a casual look with a solid structure or extreme volume with low shine. Barberstation Matte is a solid clay for a messy, casual look with a good deal of texture, or extreme volume with a matte finish. Great place for men’s haircut and beard.Rozer is talented guy.

Keller has been supplying next-level barber and salon furnishings across the United States and Canada since 1999. Our brand focuses on creating affordable, unique designs to fit your modern or classically inspired style. Follow us on Instagram to be the first to know about new products and offerings. Look at some of the instant ways you can elevate your barber stations.

Understanding the current look of your shop and being able to compare it to the design you want to have will be very helpful as you read about ways to elevate your space. Many barber stations supply, and barber stations offer all of the same functionality that a barber station supply to all barbers and their clients. Implement and adapt these design hacks to give your barbershop an entirely new feel. You can also ask your clients and people for feedback on how you can make your shop stand out. Professional barber station, 100% made in Europe with mirror, storage cabinets, shelves and shampoo bowl.

When a customer visits a barber shop, they can expect to be in a good-looking environment. Since the barber unit you pick can affect this vibe a lot, you may be looking for the best barber units that you can get. In this case you should make sure to check out the amazing choices that we have for you.

There are a great number of barber units like Royal Barber Unit Stations, Grace Hairdresser Unit Station, and many more. You can find double or single barber unit stations for your hair salon. Barber Units are one of the most important barber furniture and they help the hairdresser cut the hair more elegantly. When it comes to barber shops, barber stations, there may be a few quick options to find barbering stations for other barber shops. In CSS, you can have the best barbering furniture in the UK. Our UK-based company is in Glasgow, Scotland and we ship our barber unit stations to all over Great Britain.

If you care about the service you will provide to your customers, quality must matter to you. First of all, functionality is important to consider with such products. Then, of course, appearance is another significant factor.

It also evenly spreads the sebum and oils produced by your skin over the length of the hairs, from root to end. Use as a hair tonic to restyle your hair or as an aftershave with a pleasant, fresh fragrance. Barberstation Pomade imparts a medium firm hold to your hair, with a high shine and a delicious, fresh fragrance. We’re skilled and up to date with the latest hair styles, haircuts, and fades for all age groups, our small team of barbers is ready to help make you feel and look great. Barber chairs and wood grain accents throughout the shop. Brush your beard from root to tip in the direction of your beard’s growth.

Barber Station is a mixed-use real estate development that includes Veranda Senior Living, Park Place residential, Albertsons, a Pivot by AK Wellness Center, and a Saltzer Health Clinic. Located in the heart of the extensive growth in Southeast Boise, this serene setting on the Boise River offers easy access to Parkcenter Boulevard, Downtown and the Boise Airport. Why hide your trimmers and tools when you can display them? Displaying trimmers in an organized way could look cool and it also makes it so much easier for the barber to access. This is a complete pallet wooden study desk for your kids.

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