Applying Labels to Multiple Features with Copy + Paste

Each image needs at least one assigned label that identifies the object, scene, or concept in the image. This property specifies how tightly the background property fits with the Name property. No Fit lets you resize the text box by clicking and dragging the resize handles on the text box. Tight Fit restricts the background to fit tightly around the text. To change the label’s background color, click the cell next to the Background Color property and click the Color button that appears.

Labels can be attached to elements or float freely in the model diagram. After you paste the labels into a new image, all of the labels will move as a group. To select and move individual labels, first click any area of the GUI outside of the image, and then select and move the desired feature. Issues with the layout and appearance of HTML form controls, such as buttons, date/time pickers, select elements, and textareas.

However, they provide useful functions that could save you a lot of time. When combined with other keys, function keys can access a number of helpful commands. In this article, we’ll show you how to use the full range of functions for the F1 to F12 keys to suit your needs.

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The shift key is located in the second row of keys from the bottom on the far left, above the Ctrl key. You can define functions of the Shift key for Command Prompt in the “Command Prompt” Properties window. Before moving a label with a selectionAfter moving a label with a selectionContrast this to what happens if you click in a label to select it, then move the label.

Enter the web address of your choice in the search bar to check its availability. In the Projects page, choose the project that you want to use. The illustration below shows the properties for the example label. Ctrl or Shift + Enter on an input field will not report the modifiers. This is currently impossible to implement correctly, we have to rely on mouseup which makes interaction a bit weird.

As a measurement is selected, it will appear in the calculator. Enter the “”plus”” between measurements to create the sum. Using the point tool, holding down the shift key and plot points in either a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction.

Use ON KEY to specify a command that executes when the user presses a key or key combination, overriding the default mapping. In most graphical systems using a mouse and keyboard, the shift key can be used to select a range. For example, if a file is selected in a list, shift-clicking on a file further down the list will select the files clicked on plus the ones inbetween. Similarly, when editing text a shift-click will select the text between the click point and the text cursor. On its own, the Alt key has no assigned function.

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