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During the term of your license, you have the right to redeem SimPoints for selected The Sims 3 Content. We do not guarantee that any particular item within The Sims 3 Content will be available at all times or at any given time. We do not guarantee that we will continue to offer particular items for any particular length of time. We reserve the right to change and update our inventory of The Sims 3 Content without notice to you.If your EA Account has a SimPoints balance which has not changed for twenty-four months or more, your SimPoints will expire and your account may be cancelled for non-use. Once you have redeemed SimPoints for The Sims 3 Content, that content is not returnable, exchangeable, or refundable for SimPoints or for cash, or other goods or services. Discover our range of exciting Plants vs Zombies toys, including Peashooter action figures that really shoot peas!

These plants vs zombies plushies are great for gifting and are available in small sizes for a nursery, as well as larger sizes ranging up to a few feet. Zombies vs plants relating to cartoons and animated movies are also offered and are sure to be a hit with children. GAMEBOY ADVANCE SP BLUE EDITION CREEPYPASTA, is a parody of video game creepypastas written and narrated by YouTuber Chris “”Oney”” O’Neill.

The original story follows a teenager named Tom, who receives a CD from his friend Kyle and a note telling him to destroy it. Finding Kyle’s warning to be a joke, Tom decides to play it, finding it to be a haunted version of Sonic the Hedgehog . The haunted version of the game contains an eldritch entity known as X, who takes on a form almost identical to Sonic, with bloodied, black eyes and glowing red pupils.

The story above wasn’t made by Sesseur himself, but rather “”a fan of his earlier work.”” Sesseur began posting about Jeff on Newgrounds in 2008 under the alias “”killerjeff””, describing a Bloody Mary-like ritual which supposedly can be performed to summon Jeff. According to the original story, Jeff “”accidentally spilled a bucket of acid on his face while trying to clean his bathtub””. A 2013 article asserted that the original image of Jeff the Killer was an extensively edited picture of a girl who committed suicide in the fall of 2008 due to people online ridiculing her appearance. In 2022, an even earlier instance of the image was found dating back to July 2005 on the Japanese image sharing site Siren Head is a fictional monster also created by Trevor Henderson.

The Backrooms is a short passage originally posted to 4chan’s /x/ board in 2019 as a caption to a photograph of a hallway with yellow carpets and wallpaper. Over time, The Backrooms has been successively expanded into a mythos, with online writers adding information on new levels, entities, items, and phenomena within the Backrooms. The Ayuwoki began as a YouTube video created in 2009 by fiction writer Thomas Rengstorff, to promote an animatronic robot with a mask resembling a distorted likeness of the late Michael Jackson.

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