Motorcycle Helmets – Different Types and Uses

A helmet is a kind of protective gear usually worn to protect the skull from injury in the event that the head is hit. More specifically, a helmet covers the skull, usually without additional protective functionality. Ceremonial or religious helmets without added protective functionality are occasionally worn by soldiers. Sportsmen such as American footballers and rugby players commonly wear helmet decorated with colors and logos. Footballers often wear studded helmets during pre-match activities.

A full face helmet is a kind of headgear that covers the entire head and face. This type protects the maxillary sinuses, which are situated in the cheek area and the rim of the nose. It is favored by riders who have chiseled faces and/or big cheekbones and by younger people who may have a risk of sustaining an injury in case they fall. Full face helmets are suitable for almost any head sizes, as well as for almost all facial shapes. However, it is important to take into consideration one’s individual shape when choosing a full face helmet.

Another variety of motorcycle helmets available for motorcycle riders are the half helmets, sometimes called a beanie helmet. They are much like full face motorcycle helmets but their shape is much smaller. Their most important feature is that they cover only the top half of the head and disguise the eyes and nose. Many motorcycle riders prefer them because they do not interfere with the vision. However, some experts argue that they reduce safety significantly compared to full face motorcycle helmets. Helmets in this category are also often fitted with visors.

The third kind of helmet, which serves the middle market, is called the beanie helmet. Like other kind of helmets, they cover the entire head and face but their major difference lies in the fact that they have a “beanie” attached to the front of the helmet. This beanie acts as a shield from wind and dust, just like a baseball cap does. There is no chin bar attached to this type of helmet.

Motorcycle helmets designed for off-road use are commonly known as dirt bike helmets. They were actually developed for the purpose of providing a more protective head protection when compared to conventional helmets worn by riders on motorbikes. These helmets are very popular among dirt bike riders since they allow the rider to avoid many hazardous situations that often occur during off-road activities. Some examples of these include crashes with rocks and other debris, loose gravel, mud, sand or water, and dangerous roadside conditions.

Apart from the three basic types of motorcycle helmets available in the market, there are also a few specialty helmets available in the market. One of them is the visor helmet, which is primarily used by dirt bike riders, though it is also suitable for those riders who prefer to drive in a racing environment. In order to make their motorcycle helmets more user-friendly, many companies manufacture visor helmets that have interchangeable visors. They can be easily swapped out with a different visor if the need arises. It is also give the best standard safety certifications.

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