Most Interesting Korean Games

The rest of the players have to do any hand gesture/ letter other than the one called out to move on to the next round. If a player makes the same hand gesture/ letter as the one called out, they get slapped on the hands based on the letter played. This game has quite a painful punishment, but tons of fun.

Many of those games are actually games traditionally played in Korea a lot. Koreans love playing different kinds of games, and this is present even when a group goes out to drink together. These particular 먹튀 games are fun to play together with many people, even if no alcohol is involved. It is played with folded paper tiles, with the purpose being to slam your own tile on the opponent’s tile so that it turns over. If they are successful, they get to keep the tile they turned over.

The tombstone then needs to be carried to the other player’s tombstone without it falling from the foot. Once this is achieved, the previous stages are repeated, but the tombstone is put at a higher part of the body. If the tombstone falls or the player cannot knock down the other tombstone, the turn is handed over. If you watch any Korean variety show it’s most likely that you’ve seen this game being played. With the game Cham Cham Cham, you only need 2 players.

Earliest reports of swinging in Korea date back to the Goryeo Period (918 CE CE). It doesn’t surprise me that this game was enjoyed by more women than men, as it seems like a fun break from housework. The swing’s massive frame and height are a metaphor for the freedom many women desired. It’s definitely not for the faint-hearted, but I recommend giving traditional swinging a go the next time you come across it.

You can see this popular game played at Sky Park in Seoul during the Lunar New Year. Basic rules are the same as stage 1 with an additional challenge. All team players with an active turn have to throw their biseok at a reasonable distance in front of them, like a 1 step distance. Then starting from their line, they have to jump on one leg with only 1 step as close as possible to the biseok, without touching it.

Whenever anyone reaches a number with 3, 6 or 9, they have to clap instead of calling out the number. The most intense part of the game is from where there is just a lot of clapping with no words. Anyone who messes up either the counting or clapping will have to drink, and the counting starts over. In this game, players have to quickly say words from which the first syllable is the last syllable of the previous word. For example, if one player says “치마” , the second player can say “마지막” , and the third could say “막걸리” , and so on.

Unlike the traditional game, though, players must compete to finish a puzzle while being pulled in opposite directions by one another. There are many different versions of this game, and the one I’ve played requires participants to use their thumbs. The idea is to guess how many thumbs will be put up after shouting “chin chin,” and the participants take turns announcing a number . If the caller guesses correctly, one of their hands is placed behind their back.

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