How to Get Fans and Followers on Your Facebook Profile

Get 1000 likes on instagram and share buttons are one of the most popular features on Facebook. They allow a user to update their status with one click of the button. People can add their friends to see what they are up to with their lives. The feature also allows the user to check their contact’s book, add them to their email, and create notes and posts that other people can read. However, these functions don’t do anything for the business person who wants to advertise their products or services.

In order to get more likes and shares on your profile, you need to attract users with your content. Facebook does allow you to target specific audiences but the best way is to become a real person and start interacting with your customers. This creates a bond between you and your customers, which increase the chance of them buying from you. You will have to work towards having a good reputation in order to gain more followers. Some of the top ways to build up more fans on your page are:

Encourage your friends to post comments on your updates. Have your friends to add you as a friend so that they can see your updates in their news feed. You will be surprised by the amount of friends that you can get to post comments and show their likes and dislikes. Make sure that you get in the habit of replying to these comments. This will help to keep your page updated and your page visible to more people.

Be an active user on the page and make yourself seen. Start participating in discussions and posting comments on other people’s content. You will soon notice that more people are joining the conversation that you are part of and are willing to listen to you talk about your products and services.

Use a picture to attract more fans. Pictures are worth a thousand words so be creative and post a picture of yourself wearing your latest product. Try to be more creative than the average person, don’t be afraid to try something new and different. The more that you post on your page the more that you will get likes and followers.

Make your page easy to access and navigate. Make it easy for your friends to update their Facebook profile and for you to update yours. If you don’t have enough fans and followers to make it easy for you to update you page, then you are not getting the maximum amount of exposure that you could be getting. You also need to make it easy for people to tell others where to find your website. Many people won’t even bother to look for your website if they can find it with ease. You should also consider having an option that lets people click on a link to your website when they like your page so that they can easily share the page with their friends.

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