Growing best in a bright area, though not in direct summer sun

Gardening Know How notes that getting the watering system down on African violets is important, adding that you should water with lukewarm water that has sat for 48 hours. When it comes to beauty, nothing quite compares to orchids . They are unique, with long, arching branches and colorful blooms. Silver vase plant is a type of bromeliad that is grown both indoors and outdoors depending on the climate. The common name comes from the structure of the plant, the center of which resembles an urn or vase.

If you don’t have access to sunlight, your kalanchoe will do fine for months with only low light conditions. The Phalaenopsis, or moth orchid looks like a delicate tropical Bloeiende kamerplanten with its stunningly beautiful flowers and graceful stems. However, this beauty not only thrives in low light situations, it also is very easy to care for and inexpensive to purchase. Growing best in a bright area, though not in direct summer sun, streptocarpus will provide you with lots of brightly coloured flowers for months on end. Better still, they’re easy grow and propagate, so you’ll never be short of new plants.

Place the plant in indirect sunlight and water once a week, making sure the soil remains moist just under the soil surface. Be careful not to overwater or the flowers will wilt and fall off. After the last flower finishes blooming, cut the stalk in half and wait to see if the plant re-blooms. Christmas Cactus likes bright, indirect light and cool temperatures. But, keep it away from drafts and heat sources that can stunt growth and burn leaves. Unlike desert cacti, these tropical cacti cannot tolerate dry soil.

These plants are toxic, so keep them in an area where pets cannot reach them. Anthuriums don’t even look real with their shiny, red, heart-shaped blooms. While they can survive in low light settings, they are less likely to bloom, per Indoor Gardening. Anthuriums also do better when planted in cactus or orchid soil. These plants are toxic to humans and animals, so keep them in a safe place in your home.

Your peace lily will tell you when it needs to be watered by drooping its leaves. Try to water your peace lily just before it starts to droop. Don’t be alarmed if yours does suddenly collapse, as a good drink of water will usually revive it. You can generally find phalaenopsis orchids in all colors and sizes everywhere from your local grocery store, big box store, to garden center or nursery. Phalaenopsis orchids are reasonably priced, easy to find, and fun to grow.

Most varieties bear spikes of pink bracts with white tubular flowers. This succulent produces tiny flowers no matter the season, and is available in a variety of vibrant colors. There aren’t too many plants that have a more gorgeous bloom than a hibiscus . Sadly, the blooms only last one day, according to the Smithsonian Institute, so be sure and keep them in a place where you can enjoy their beauty. They bloom throughout the summer, and you can keep them alive during the winter by keeping them watered and near a window. If you’re looking for a small plant that will add a burst of purple to almost any room, then you might want to consider an African violet .

Always keep your Phalaenopsis away from heaters and air conditioning vents; they like humidity above 50%. This is why bromeliads make excellent houseplants; they are succulents from the forested regions Central and South America. A number of bulbs give excellent colour indoors, including Hippeastrumand bulbs for christmas flowering. You can care for a kalanchoe just like you would any succulent. Keep it in well-draining, sandy soil and water it thoroughly, then allow all of the water to drain away.

Water when dry to the touch, and don’t let it sit in water inside the foil pot cover. The fragrant flowers come in an abundance of colors and bloom almost year round. Geraniums need only occasional watering and sunlight to add abundant beauty to your home. With clusters of small flowers, the Ixora adds a burst of color in any home.

Peace Lily is perhaps the easiest flowering house plant you can grow. This South American native prefers the same warm temperatures we do. Keep the potting mix lightly moist year-round and raise the humidity when needed. Although tolerant of lower light levels, give Peace Lily bright, indirect sunlight to get those long-lasting white spathes in spring and summer.

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